You Should Learn About These 2017 Popular Designs Of Conference Room

The ambiance, appearance and infrastructure of a conference room hold a lot of significance. It can make or break the entire impact of conducting conference meeting. To design your conference room in the best way, you need to learn about the innovative design trends in 2017.

Biophilic design

A design that is created with introduction of nature attracts the attention of everyone. Such soothing design fills the mind of attendees with all the natural qualities such as peacefulness, calmness and freshness. This is one of the growing conference room decorating ideas that has become very popular among people. Research has also shown that incorporation of such natural elements positively influences the employee environment, their wellbeing and performance.

Some of the ways by which you can give a natural feel to your meeting room are by using a wooden table, installing a wall of real plants, placing a fireplace feature that brings natural elements to a meeting room. It is also a fabulous way to motivate meeting attendees to de-stress and makes them to be highly creative. Cover the walls covered in water, plants, or reclaimed wood to offer sound absorption that adds calmness in the room.

Use of Right Colors

The type of color you choose helps in organizing a work environment. It makes the people in that workplace colorful, thoughtful and more organized. Not just this trend of designing a meeting room looks pleasant but also painting an accent wall proves to be an easy and cost- efficient method to add color into the conference room. Use of colorful accessories enlivens a meeting space. Some of the ways by which you can introduce color into your meeting space are multi colored chairs and glass whiteboards, to acoustic tables and panels.

Also, while selecting a color you need to be mindful that each and every color has a distinct impact on the mind. Choose a color that elevates the concentration, and focus on the person. Some of the colors with their impact on a person have been listed below:

  • Black —Elegance, Power, and formality
  • White —Purity, safety, and cleanliness
  • Blue —Wisdom, trust, and confidence
  • Red —Power, strength and determination
  • Yellow -Intellect, happiness and energy
  • Green -Harmony, growth and freshness
  • Orange -Energy, joy and warmth
  • Purple -Luxury, power, and ambition

Integration of Technology into Design

If you want your meeting room to project an ambiance of sophistication, then choose tables and other furnishings with superior quality multi-media capabilities, power adapters, and wireless charging methods. Integration of technology requirements into the design of the conference room, helps in adding functionality and convenience to the place while remove clutter, safety hazard and chaos at the same time.

Make sure that the wires are well concealed inside the table.  Invest in HD quality video conferencing units that look sleek and lightweight requiring minimal space and offering maximum capabilities.


Cool, collected and calm look of your conference room has the potential to transform the place into modern and inspirational spaces. So, spend some time in giving your meeting room an inspirational new look.


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