Benefits and Reasons to Consider Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation

Benefits and Reasons to Consider Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation

Plenty of myths are in the air related to installing fiberglass swimming pool.

  • Fiberglass pools pop-up or float out of the ground.
  • Fiberglass pool is a cheap looking alternative.
  • Fiberglass pool is only good for warm climates.
  • Fiberglass pool is very expensive in comparison.

The above myths are all senseless. Just imagine can a pool after installed in the ground, filled with water and have a concrete deck engulfed on its outer lip, even move.

Fiberglass industry has developed and successfully introduced beautiful pools with colored finishes, mosaic inlay tile, waterline ceramic tile, fiber optic lighting, and many such features.

People living in freeze conditions are concerned about the impact on fiberglass but advanced pools are designed with material having incredible tensile strength, which is similar to concrete pool.

Benefits of fiberglass swimming pool

Installation speed

Fiberglass swimming pools are available in ready-to-install structure. You will need a couple of days to get council approval for installation of fiberglass pool. On the other hand, concrete pool takes months to get completed and even the backyard looks messy during that time.

Maintenance-free finish

Fiberglass pools are designed with gel-coat finish. It is smooth, clean, and non-abrasive. You will not find any rough or sharp edges, which are found in pebble pools that harm your skin. Gel-coat finish looks good and looking after the pool is very easy. Smooth and non-porous surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Low-chemical use

Some kinds of swimming pools need regular monitoring and use of expensive chemicals. Fiberglass surface is chemically inert, which does not allow anything from the surface change water chemistry. Therefore, very low-chemical product needs to be used for swimming pool cleaning, which saves significantly, overtime.

Good strength

Shell has flex strength, which accommodates earth movement without cracking. Just imaging, today fiberglass is used to build planes.

Incredible designs

You will find all kinds of shades and designs, which reflect the latest creative and architectural trends. You will even find options for additions like tanning ledges, spas, and wall panels with the swimming pool.

Wide range of color

You can select colors, which are unique and include shimmer finish and sparkle. You are sure to find an ideal color that suits your home, needs, taste, and budget.


Chlorine, salt chlorinators, ozone system, and fresh water system are all compatible with fiberglass swimming pool.


Ask about lifetime warranty on pools along with quotes. Generally, warranty for concrete pool is 7 years, so you can hope to get a pool that offers warranty of more than 7 years.

Resale value

Fiberglass pool is extremely appealing to homebuyers, who normally would never be interested in owning a swimming pool. In addition, all the benefits mentioned above can add to your homes resale value, in future.

Reasons to choose fiberglass pool

  • You wish pool with minimal weekly maintenance.
  • You want a quick install
  • You are seeking a pool with possible no major repairs, down the road.
  • You want a pool having ‘flex’ strength.
  • You desire a small size, approximately 16”x40” or less

With many options in styles and shapes, lifetime warranty, and great color choices fiberglass pool is a great pick for your home.


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