How to Create Contemporary Bungalow house plans

The pace at which bungalow houses are getting back to the market as a desired home plan is quite alarming. The origin of bungalow floor plans was the western regions of the USA but they quickly attracted the interests of the northern and southern families. The original bungalow houses were a bit smaller with a height of a single storey. Most of these houses had wide verandas across the front section. The veranda could also wrap around the whole house and provide additional space for family gatherings. Modern day bungalows are still single stories even though some of them partially have second floors and loft spaces.

Most people who long for bungalow floor plans desire the convenience of having all the main living areas on the same floor. In some instances, it may arise from the issue of necessity because the presence of stairs can be an issue to the aging members of the family. Other family members may also be confined to wheel chairs or have limited mobility.

Bungalow house designs come in various sizes ranging from small and more compact plans that are ideal for inner city lots to large and sprawling plans that make good use of the country locations. Therefore, any homeowner can consider bungalow floor plans to be an ideal solution that will meet his housing needs. Bungalow house plans suit housing needs of the old or young, married or single, small or large families.

In case you need a small plan for your bungalow house, you must design it with efficient and strict utilization of the available space like was the case in traditional bungalow houses.

The best way to create a small but functional bungalow is to focus on the simplicity of the design. This design comes with comfortable living spaces that have all the convenience that any family is looking for. It gives room for small lot considerations and ease of maintenance. Small bungalow plans are ideal for smaller families and individual homeowners. You may consider small bungalow designs as ‘starter homes’ but they will still accommodate your family needs as they continue to grow.

The popularity of large bungalow flow plans has been on the rise in modern times. This design gives families more elaborate entertainment spaces. You can also use this space to relax or engage in various activities for the family. Most of these large plans have separate wings to create privacy between the active living places and bedroom areas. Some of the active living areas include hobby spaces, home theaters, game rooms and mini gyms.

You can offset the costly element of constructing a bungalow by fully developing the basement area. The construction of bungalows is more expensive than a two storey house that has the same living space because bungalows will require a wider foundation and more roofing area. However, you can reduce the construction cost by retaining the convenience of your day to day living on the main floor and putting the extra bedrooms on the basement.

You can use any exterior architectural design to come up with the style of your bungalow. Traditional bungalow exterior styles include Shingle, Prairie, Colonial, and Craftsman designs. They are typically finished using earthy color schemes and dressed in natural materials to blend well with the surrounding and provide a comfortable family home. Bungalow house designs provide an exclusive opportunity for a discriminating homeowner to create a fashionable lifestyle statement.


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