Are You Planning To Renovate Your Pool? Here are Few Important Tips

Are You Planning To Renovate Your Pool? Here are Few Important Tips

There are number of reasons why you need to get your pool renovated. It is always better to renovate your pool if any of the reasons becomes too strong to overlook. However, if you do not plan your renovation properly it might lead to frustration. Therefore, before taking up the renovation work you must consider following few things.

  • You must choose the perfect time to get the renovation work done

Generally, it was observed that people start the renovation work without any advanced planning. Normally, during the start of summer people start hurrying up to do the renovation work. However, the right thing would be to start the work much before summer season arrives. Summer is generally the peak season when people like to use their pools & spas and therefore the entire renovation work must be completed before the arrival of summer season.

Therefore, you must start your renovation work during autumn or winter season itself. Usually, most of the contractors remain busy during summer months for maintaining the pools and hence it is always better to start renovation during off season.

  • You must be clear about your objectives

The best way would be to take pictures of some ideal pools that are in your mind. Then observe these pictures and carefully see the list of various things that can easily be implemented in your swimming pool. You must remember that many of the things cannot be taken up either due to its design limitation or the size of your pool. You have to also look at your budget limitation. Keeping all these in consideration you must plan the list of things that you want to do.

  • Choose the right contractor

You must contact number of contractors for the job and get their quotation. Ask for the cost of their services and also about their terms and conditions. You must also ask them to give references of their clients where they have done similar projects. Any good contractor will usually provide the name of their clients on their website so that you can verify about their service. Do not get carried away with smooth talk, but be realistic to evaluate them.

  • You must set realistic time frame

You must sit with your contractor and do thorough planning about all the materials required for the project. Then you must contact the suppliers of the material and know about their delivery schedule. You have to ensure that the right material should arrive at the site when it is really needed for the work. Based on the arrival date of the material you must ask your contractor to plan the activities. You must also know how much time each activity will take. Based on all these inputs you can now draw proper time table for all the activities.

  • Get started

Once you have chosen your contractor, material planning has been done and initial materials are already in place then you must start your activities. You must keep in mind that the environment around the site will be little messy and noisy and there will be plenty of dust around as long as the project continues.


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