Why You Need to Choose a Wine Cooler Instead of Refrigerator

Why You Need to Choose a Wine Cooler Instead of Refrigerator

People who love to drink wine usually love to collect many different varieties of wines of their choice. Therefore, for proper storing of wine you may prefer to have suitable wine cooler. In case you do not have a wine cooler then you will store it in the refrigerator. However, if you are planning to store many bottles of wines then refrigerator may not be a good choice

If you are interested to read reviews of different type’s wine coolers available in the market then you can read the reviews written on the webpages of Local Winos. Following are few good reasons why wine coolers will be the right choice for you, if you love to keep wide variety of collection of wine in your possession.

  • To keep your wine in cool condition

Not only you would like to keep your wine in chilled condition, but also you need to protect them from various changes in the environment due to external circumstances. Usually, the ideal condition for storing wine is within 45-degree F to 65-degree F.

Normal refrigerator will quickly escalate the temperature to control the humidity while wine cooler lowers the temperature in gradual manner by maintaining effective humidity level. Therefore, wine will not last for a long time if they are kept in a refrigerator.

Wine coolers of higher grade has different temperature zone where you can keep your red wine and white wine in separate place. Each of these wines have separate storing temperature range and hence you can store your wines for a longer time in a proper condition.

  • Vibration may disturb the maturation process of wine

Usually, the refrigerator uses compress coolers that has a tendency to vibrate from time to time. Wine will get degraded at a faster rate, if it is kept under such environment. Some wine coolers are also compressor cooled. However, they have the arrangement to absorb vibration so the wine stored in such coolers are least affected due to either the noise generated by compressor or the vibration produced. If you prefer to buy wine cooler with thermoelectric then it will be perfectly suited for storing wine as it will neither vibrate nor generate any noise.

  • Outside odor may affect your wine quality

Generally, in any traditional fridge you may keep many other items besides keeping wine only and both are allowed to store at same place then the odor of other items can adversely affect the quality and taste of your wine. The reason for this is that the cork of the wine bottle may shrink inside the fridge and therefore it will become more porous due to wrong levels of humidity. Therefore, whatever items are kept in the fridge, their odor will seep into the wine.

Wine cooler maintains ideal humidity and thus the cork of wine bottle remains tight and nothing can intrude inside the wine.

  • Wine cooler features are meant for wine

Refrigerators are meant for storing all kinds of food items while wine coolers are dedicated for storing wine where good quality of wine can be stored for long time. They are also energy efficient and can save on the power bill too.


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