Selecting the Right Kitchen Furniture for Your First Home

Congratulations on becoming a first-time home buyer! The excitement of moving into your new home and making the place exactly how you want it will have you jumping for joy. With all of your possessions packed up in the moving van, you will be busy unloading items and rearranging furniture to make it a comfortable and beautiful place to live in.

If you have been staying in apartments previously before moving in, you are now finding that you have a full kitchen that needs to be furnished. There are so many different layouts and possibilities to furniture arrangement based on the size and shape of your kitchen, as well as how your cook stations are set up. Here are some tips in selecting the right furniture for your kitchen.

Decide If Your Kitchen Will Be for Dining and Entertaining

You may have enough room in your house where you have a separate dining room, family room or breakfast nook where you will eat your meals. This arrangement will impact the types of furniture you will place in your kitchen.

You may want to strictly have a food preparation space along with a wet bar area to entertain guests. You may also decide to place in a kitchen island that has stool seating so guests can sit and talk as they watch you prepare meals. Once you decide whether the kitchen will be strictly used for meal preparation or will also be used for dining and entertaining, you can then make sure to get the right types of furniture for the space.

Consider Current and Future Seating Arrangements

Having enough eating spots for your family is paramount. So you want a kitchen table that can accommodate everyone. Yet don’t forget about extended family who may visit once or twice a week for a meal. Instead of having them eat at the kitchen counter, you may want to consider multifunctional furniture options.

An extendable table with foldable ends can create more space, or it can have a table section added to the middle to lengthen the surface. Then you can add benches that provide more sitting spots at the table. When the relatives are away, move the benches to other areas of the home to create sitting or reading areas in bedrooms, living rooms and dens.

Multiple Tables for Separate Activities

You family may like to share the kitchen space to do other activities, such as school projects, reading, playing on tablet devices, or doing other chores. This can create limited space on regular kitchen tables, as you might like to spread out all your pans and ingredients to cook. Having multiple tables, such as a dinette for doing activities and a regular kitchen table for food preparation and eating, can provide everyone with the right amount of space.

Pick the Right Table for Your Needs

Once you decide on the amount of furniture you need, then you can select the furniture sizes based on the floor measurements, floor plan design, furniture styles, and comfort. Here at California Stools, Bars and Dinettes, we have the largest selection of kitchen and dining room furniture available in the Bay area. Stop in at one of three store locations to select the right kitchen furniture for your first home.


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