The Hidden Costs of Poor HVAC Maintenance

The Hidden Costs of Poor HVAC Maintenance

If you’re a small business owner you’re well aware that there are many hidden costs associated with just about every part of your business.  It seems like every day you make decisions that impact the bottom line. Sometimes you take risks not knowing with certainty that those choices are the best for the business. Choosing to ignore maintenance of your HVAC system is a risk you don’t want to take. The obvious costs of poor HVAC maintenance are higher heating and cooling bills and possible downtime for the business.  Both situations can harm your ability to run a profitable business, but are aware that the not so obvious costs associated with negligent HVAC care are just as detrimental? Consider how the hidden cost of customer discomfort caused by poor HVAC maintenance in Denver may harm your business.

It’s Not Just about Hard Costs

When business owners think about HVAC expenses, their minds hone in on the hard costs associated with their HVAC systems. Hard costs include monthly energy bills, cost of maintenance and repair, and cost to replace worn out systems. It’s hard not to focus on the hard costs of your HVAC system. The energy bills keep coming every single month. Realistically, you should expect to pay for HVAC maintenance in Denver a minimum of twice each year when you have the systems checked. Hopefully at a minimum you have your system serviced before both the winter and summer seasons. While the hard costs hit your business where you can see them, the soft costs, the ones that can’t be measured in money, are more difficult to trace and track. That’s why they can be thought of as hidden costs.

It’s All about Customer Comfort

Have your customers ever complained about the temperature at your business location? Maybe you have a small clothing boutique and customers have mentioned that the dressing rooms are too cold to try on clothes. Perhaps you own a restaurant and patrons are forced to keep their jackets on while dining with you in the winter months. Comfort is extremely important to customers. If your place of business is too hot or too cold, customers may shy away from doing business with you. They may visit your business but won’t stay as long as you need them to, or even worse, they could share negative comments with others, tarnishing your reputation. If your HVAC system is contributing to unpleasant temperature levels, it’s time to schedule service by a company that specializes in HVAC maintenance in Denver. Do it today!


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