Styling Your Perfect New Home Your Way – Associated Designs

Styling Your Perfect New Home Your Way – Associated Designs

Once you select a new home to move into, you want to change it so that it fits into your personality and particular design tastes. Everyone has their own unique design preferences, yet here are several ways to help you narrow down the choices so your entire family is happy with how the house looks.

Talk with Everyone Regarding Color Palettes

Don’t just run out and start buying paint colors and furniture before talking with everyone else in your household. The best thing to do is sit down and talk about the types of colors and patterns everyone can agree with and those shades that nobody wants to see. While you might like a certain shade, everyone else may want something that could be a little bit darker or brighter. Go to the paint store and pick up some paint cards that you can bring home. Then you can compare these paint cards to the rest of the furnishings in the room to pick out something that complements the space.

Measure Twice When picking Out Furnishings

Before heading to the furniture store, make sure you measure the space where the furniture will go into. Double check wall angles and different furniture layouts by pacing tape on the floor. Then when you go to the furniture store, take your measurements so you can eliminate the pieces that are too large or too small to fit. Take pictures of the furniture. When you are at home, you can see if the furniture style works with the other furnishings that are present in the space.

Draw Design Inspiration from Artwork and Other Accessories

Look at the items that are in the room to gain inspiration. You may find patterns in the area rugs, upholstery or paintings that you want to match with the design of the furniture you want to purchase or in how you want to paint the walls. You can also get paint colors from existing flooring or artwork so that you can contrast or complement the wall colors with the other aspects in the space. Let your imagination run wild to create a space that you will love to live in.


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