5 Occasions Where You Need Nylon Webbing

5 Occasions Where You Need Nylon Webbing

When rope can’t seem to get the job done, buy nylon webbing instead. This flat strip of fiber has been specialized over the years to serve a multitude of functions in different fields that require some extra strength. Whether you need it for professional or personal reasons, this strong fabric woven is practically guaranteed to get the job done for you.

Keeping Pets Under Control

One of the more popular uses for nylon webbing can be found in the leashes or harnesses you need for your dog. Compared to polypropylene webbing, nylon has a much stronger tensile strength. This is important because unlike boats, dogs can purposefully try to escape from your grasp. They can also make for some comfortable collars that are infused with decorative fabric.

If you’re more of a horse person, you’ll still get plenty of use out of this material. The leather required for various horse products such as bridles and saddles can break easily and is in constant need of replacement. Thanks to the durability of nylon, not only will you have a tougher build for your ride, but you’ll also have a longer-lasting quintessential item for horseback riding.

Safe Traveling

If you fly frequently, it is important to have luggage that is durable enough to keep getting tossed around by the flight crew and maintain your items carefully as you drag it across cities, states, and countries. Thankfully, nylon luggage has been getting increasingly popular as more companies now recognize that the increased strength and reduced weight nylon can provide to a suitcase makes it much easier for busy travelers.

In case you have a suitcase that’s the same color as everyone else’s, it might not be a bad idea to apply additional nylon straps to it to keep your luggage more sealed and have it stand out more to you at the baggage claim.

The Great Outdoors

Many campers and hikers have found nylon webbing to be essential towards their successful trips. As you’ll need to bring a lot of gear to get the most out of your backpacking and overnight camping experiences, you’ll need tough webbing to keep the loads secure and transported properly. The high melting point will also help against the hot sun and sweat gathered up from your journey.

Sports and Exercise

One of the most frequent activities nylon can be applied to is rock climbing. No matter what part you have, whether it’s harnesses, runners, quickdraws, slings, or anchor extensions, chances are nylon is somehow involved with it. Outside of that, you can apply nylon to the socks, straps, or gloves you need for a good workout, the netting on a basketball hoop, or a life preserver for swimming in the middle of the lake.

Military Maintenance

If you’re thinking of joining the military, buy nylon webbing products. It is an absolute necessity to have webbing equipment in the military as the fabric is used to make belts, pouches, and uniforms as well as simplifying equipment storage and transportation. The military has designed specialized webbing to make sure you feel light while still carrying enough crucial equipment to survive in the outdoors and for upcoming fights.


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