5 Reasons to Try Energy Healing

5 Reasons to Try Energy Healing

For thousands of years mankind had an innate understanding of the power of the universal energy that surrounds us. Whether identified as “chi” to the Chinese or “prana” in Sanskrit, humans have long realized that there is an energy that surrounds everyone that can be harnessed for our benefit. It’s this belief that is an essential element in the success of guided energy healing meditation. If you haven’t given it a try until now, here are a few reasons that you should.

1. Reduces Stress

When we’re in stressful situations, we often unconsciously rely on past experiences to navigate our ways through them. Many of these experiences are negative. If you’re stuck in traffic, or having an argument with a co-worker, our bodies go back to previous experiences, compounding the stressful conditions. Energy healing has the capacity to clear the cellular memory that sticks with us and colors everything we do, preparing us to better handle stressful situations.

2. Prioritizes Self-Care

Energy healing infuses your body with the positive energy you need for a more favorable outlook. When you have positive energy, you’re more likely to have a higher self-esteem, encouraging you to eat better, and get more exercise. As little as one session with an integrative energy healing practitioner is enough to set you on the right path.

3. Improved Inter-connectivity

The positive energy within you radiates to the outside world and influences all of your relationships. When you feel better, people see you in a better light, and they’re more likely to think positively of you and interact with you in a manner beneficial to both parties. Your energy has the potential to positively impact people everywhere you go.

4. Increased Creativity

Your creativity springs from your connection with the spiritual world. It exists within you and can only be manifested when you can relax and allow that creative energy to spill forth on its own. The positive energy that energy healing generates not only taps into the divine source of your creativity, it gives you the self-confidence to seek it out and accept it.

5. Better Happiness

All of us can be happy if we would only let ourselves experience happiness. All of us know this instinctively, but let the distractions of the modern world convince us it’s not the case. Integrative energy healing practitioners have the ability to reset our energy to it’s more natural, positive, state, allowing us to accept happiness into our lives.


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