Some Of The Most Important Questions You Must Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Designer!

Some Of The Most Important Questions You Must Ask Your Outdoor Lighting Designer!

No matter what the size of your property or home is, outdoor space lighting can add great beauty and distinction along with offering great safety and security. Plus, it even increases entertaining opportunities. After all, the craftsmanship and quality of your home must be something that is protective enough.

So, you must take proper care when hiring professional outdoor lighting company that is experienced and skilled as well. The following is a complete guide that will help you in choosing a right outdoor lighting designer that can best fit your requirements.

How much lighting experience do you possess?

It is important to know whether the contractor has sufficient experience of lighting. It can be great if the contractor can provide you with references so that you can call them and ask how the relevant company has done work for them and what their experience was. It is even important to ensure that the contractor you are hiring has proper license. After all, you would not want anyone wiring your electric system without having proper qualifications.

Do you have insurance?

The insurance must cover the accidents that may happen on your property. This will likely include the workers’ compensation for their employees along with your property. It is not recommended to hire the one that don’t have proper insurance.

Are the electronics that will be used approved for the outdoor use?

Generally, indoor usage lamps are inexpensive. They won’t usually keep the moisture out since they aren’t completely potted. Plus, they can even overheat since they are constructed mainly for the open fixtures unlike closed fixtures of the outdoor lighting. Fully potted electronics are completely protected from elements. LED bulbs use circuit board.

What is the warranty that you offer?

The warranty that the company will offer will really give you a bit of insight into confidence that the contractor has in their product as well as in their workmanship. When it comes to LED landscape lighting, the transformer and fixture must have proper lifetime warranties. LED lamp too must have 5 year warranty and the connections and wires must have at least a warranty of 10 years.

Few other questions to ask

  • Does the contractor hold credentials for the bona fide lighting design?
  • Can the contractor work with the other contractors that might be working on the property, mainly your landscaper, architect, or electrician?
  • Does the contractor understand importance of the property values, overall attractiveness of your space along with your neighborhood, and curb appeal?
  • Does the designer or contractor understand your requirements of making your home welcoming sanctuary for your family as well as yourself? Do they understand that you want it to be a safe and inviting place for your guests and friends too?
  • Does the contractor is willing to take personal approach? Do they understand your wants and needs?

Every lighting design must start with proper consideration of few important factors. Therefore, it is quite important to choose only an experienced and skilled installer or designer.


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