Is a Walk-In Bath Tub For You?

Is a Walk-In Bath Tub For You?

A walk-in bath tub can be an important addition to your home, particularly if an older person lives there. These tubs are designed or renovated to allow easy access and to minimize the mishaps that can occur when entering or exiting a bath tub.

This type of bath tub is common in senior homes and retirement communities, but a growing number of contractors are offering walk-in bathtubs as a renovation option. They are useful in an assisted living environment to individuals who need help bathing at home, or experience limited mobility from a disability. Some of the costs of a walk-in bath tub can be eligible for a tax deduction if its installation is considered a medical expense.

You may be in the market for a walk-in bath tub for your home, or considering one for elderly parents or loved ones who live independently. You will want to know how they work, and why they can be a beneficial addition to the home.

Easy Access

The distinguishing characteristic of a walk-in bath tub is the set of doors built into the front or side. These doors allow bathers to enter and exit easily, without having to lift their legs over the side as in traditional bath tubs.

The doors are built to seal tightly and maintain water tightness when the tub is in use. Many models are designed to drain quickly to reduce the amount of time you are sitting in the tub.

Walk-in bath tubs are typically designed with safety of the user in mind. Many are equipped with handrails, pads to prevent slipping, and seats for ensure bathers do not slide under the water. You can have your walk-in bath tub built with water massage jets to make the tub suitable for therapeutic use

Use a Pro

Walk-in bath tubs are a permanent fixture to your home and should be installed by a professional plumber, renovation specialist or general contractor. That person should be licensed and insured, and can answer any questions you have during the consultation about the installation of your tub. Walk-in bath tubs are pricey, so you want to ensure that it is properly installed and stays operational and leak free for as long as you are using it.

Safety Matters

The safety of the people in your home can be worth the investment you make in the installation of a walk-in bath tub. Bathroom slips and falls are among the most common reason older people suffer debilitating injuries that can require long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation. Walk-in bath tubs can minimize this health risk. If this interests you, find the time to speak with a specialist about installing a walk-in bath tub in your home.


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