What Are The Different Things You Should Know About Reed Diffuser

What Are The Different Things You Should Know About Reed Diffuser

Reed diffuser has become a hot trend in home fragrance nowadays. These diffusers work by inserting rattan reeds into a glass bottle that contains scented diffuser oil. If you are keen on getting one for your home, then getting adequate knowledge about it would help you make the right decision.

How does reed diffusers differ from candles?

In place of candles, reed diffusers are free of flame and do not need heat. They diffuse scent in the atmosphere naturally. No flame implies no soot and no risk of fire. Using reed diffuser is highly safe for home, classroom, or office, etc.

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Are reeds rattan or bamboo?

The reeds of a reed diffuser are made from superior quality rattan reeds. These reeds are not made of bamboo. However, chutes or bamboo reeds won’t work as they don’t have the right conduits for the oils to travel up via wick. Bamboo has “nodes” that stops from traveling up and making the air fragrant.

Can reeds be reused?

No. Once you use reeds for any scent, then you can’t use it for another time. The scent that gets absorbed into the reeds will properly combine with the new scent and produce undesired combination of fragrances. You can use new reeds only under following conditions:

  • when you take a new scent,
  • reeds get fully saturated, or
  • they get clogged due to dust

What is the lifespan of reed diffuser?

There are several factors that determine how long the oil will last. Humidity, fans, air conditioning, closed doors, heating, dehumidifiers, open doors etc. However, normally a four oz. of diffuser oil lasts for nearly three to four months and an eight oz. diffuser oil lasts for nearly six to eight months.

Can reed diffuser be diluted with water and oil?

No. Water and oil don’t mix with each other. You will end up with non-uniform wicking and warped reeds. The reed diffuser oils are blended to provide easy wicking. There is no requirement to dilute them or mix them with anything.

What needs to be done when the scent stops to diffuse?

You need to flip the reeds in the glass bottle so that its “wet” ends are exposed to the air. If the reeds have stopped diffusing due to being blocked with dust, then you need to replace them with new ones.

How many reeds need to be put in a bottle?

It depends on the choice of the user. More reeds will diffuse more amount of fragrance. It needs to put anywhere between six and ten reeds in a glass bottle.


Learning about reeds and the right method to use them will help you get maximum benefits out of it.


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