Cleaning Up After a Fire Made Easy

Cleaning Up After a Fire Made Easy

If you’ve been a recent victim of a fire at your home or business, whether large or small, it probably feels devastating to you. So much may have been lost – if not to the fire itself, then to smoke damage, or water damage as a result of the fire department extinguishing the blaze. Not only do you have to try to recoup what has been lost, but you must clean up the mess, too. The thought of it can be scary and daunting, almost paralyzing. But there are professionals who are experts in fire damage cleanup in New York. Why not let them do the cleanup for you?

Finding Professionals to Cleanup

Locating someone to do fire damage cleaning in New York is as easy as searching the internet. You will want to find a company that has been in the business for a while. Since these types of companies usually do other types of major cleaning, restoration and disaster response and recovery, as well, make sure they have plenty of experience in fire, smoke and water damage restoration.

If there was a lot of water needed to put out the fire, the company you pick should be able to explain to you how they’ll remove the water and give you a calculated and efficient drying process. In fact, that may have to occur before they can begin fire and smoke damage restoration. So, again, the company you pick should be well-versed in all three disasters.

Ask for referrals. Responsible and trustworthy companies should have no qualms about sharing referrals with you. And make sure they are both insured and bonded. You’ve already had a major loss; you don’t need to worry about someone ripping off or damaging what may be left.

Pick someone who offers 24/7 service, that includes emergencies. This may seem obvious, but after a fire the last thing you want to do is wait until the next available workday, or the start of a new work week. Disasters and emergencies can and do happen anytime; they don’t just occur on a weekday between 9 and 5.

Paying for Cleanup

Cleaning up after a fire can cost in the thousands, especially if the fire was major. If you have insurance, and you likely do, the cleanup should be covered. Some companies that do fire damage cleanup in New York may want payment when the service is performed; most will bill your insurance company directly. Or, they may bill you and wait for payment until the insurance company settles your claim with you. Finding out what the billing options are for the company you choose is smart to do before they actually begin the work.


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