What Are the Common Mistakes People Make When Establishing A Garden

What Are the Common Mistakes People Make When Establishing A Garden

Establishing a garden requires proper knowledge and skill. Absence of these can lead you to commit mistakes. Due to this reason, it has been advised to take proper assistance of a tract landscape architect to perform the work for you. We are going to list a few commonly seen mistakes here that people make while establishing their gardens.

Lack of proper initial planning and selection of plant

Do you know the major reason for your effort to fail? It is poor selection of plants. To save yourself from this mistake, it is important to find out which side does your garden face. This is important to know when it will get adequate heat in the summer season. Be cautious of the strong rays of the sun in the peak of summer season as it could cause harm to plants.  Think of planting hardy, dry, and tolerant plants that could withstand exposed conditions.

Once you are done with the mental preparation, you would need a sketch design. You can take your sketch and ideas to a nearby nursery to get some advice on the right selection of material and plant. This can even require you to make changes whenever required till you arrive at the best sketch for your garden.

Lack of adequate preparation of the current site soil

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the soil. Adding branded organic material or imported topsoil not just enhances site soils to support with plant establishment but also helps in retaining moisture in the summer season.

The sub-grade needs to be cultivated before spreading imported soils.  Such continuous addition of compost will keep improving site soils. One must not forget to use a lot of compost on top level of garden soils. This will aid in better retention of moisture around trees and plants.

Use of the wrong kind of ground covers

It is not advisable to use quartz or scoria pebbles in your front garden. It won’t look that good. Tiny regions of natural turf take up a lot of time to maintain. You can use robust dryness tolerant ground covers that keep front yard of your garden looking green all the time.  Some of the suggestions would be to use creeping boobialla, mauve clusters or Casuarina.

Overplanting and over complicating the garden

Too much of planting can also destroy your garden. You need to think about the width and mature height of plants.  It can be expensive, complex and difficult to remove established trees and plants that have out-grown.

Poor maintenance

Field maintenance should be taken as a year-round duty. A timed offseason rest with an aggressive aeration is observed as significant by experts. Many beginners mostly overlook this aspect in real practice. It is important to properly aerate your garden so that plants get proper amount of oxygen from the soil. This will support their growth. Including some kind of aeration task into your schedule proves to be an essential tool.


Being aware of these mistakes, you would definitely prevent yourself from committing it the next time. Taking help of an experienced land architect will aid you in accomplishing the task in the best way.


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