Hand Crafted Cocktails Set You Apart

Hand Crafted Cocktails Set You Apart

If you’re living in Winter Park, FL and are looking for a new place to eat, there are plenty of options depending on the cuisine that you want. From seafood to pasta, and everything in between, you can find many great options depending on your mood. But what if you’re in the mood for a great handcrafted cocktail? There are different levels of cocktails that many places offer, from regular rail drinks to hand crafted cocktails. But there’s something about crafted cocktails that make a place really stand out as somewhere you want to go for dinner or happy hour with friends. Here are some of the reasons that make crafted cocktails in Winter Park, FL really unique and really delicious.

Fresh Squeezed Juices

Something that really makes the hand crafted cocktails in Winter Park, FL stand out are the fresh squeezed juices that are often used to make them. Of course, in a place like Florida, the fresh fruit abounds. Drinks that use oranges and grapefruits are not only fresh squeezed, but typically can be locally sourced really giving the cocktail of your choice the ultimate freshness. Imagine sipping on a delicious orange crush with fresh pressed orange juice going right into the cup, or a grapefruit martini with a splash of real grapefruit juice. It makes the entire cocktail taste fresher and more delicious with every sip.

Homemade Syrups

Another great use of the amazing growing climate in Florida is the ability to make your own fruit and spice syrups. With water, sugar and a bit of orange, lemon, rosemary or mint, you’ve got a perfectly fresh syrup that can be used in crafted cocktails in Winter Park, FL to really set them apart from the cocktail crowd. The freshest simple syrups can really change the taste of a drink in a way that a syrup that’s bottled at a distribution company cannot. They add a sweetness, a tartness and a freshness that can’t be matched any other way.

When there’s a bar on every corner, as there is so often in large tourist areas like Florida, you have to find a way to differentiate yourself. Crafted cocktails in Winter Park, FL, may be the best way to do that. By using the freshest ingredients, the ripest fruit and the highest quality brands of liquor, you’re building a cocktail experience that will keep people coming back to your establishment again and again.


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