Spare Yourself Headaches by Making Smart Rental Decisions

Spare Yourself Headaches by Making Smart Rental Decisions

At one time or another, everyone is bound to rent a home or apartment of some kind. It can be a wonderful experience; or your biggest nightmare. Much of it has to do with the relationship between tenant and landlord. When looking at properties, remember that you are interviewing and screening them, just as much as they are you. And it’s up to you to protect your rights.

What Kind of Place Should You Rent?

If you’re looking at rental properties near Ohio University, you’re in luck as there are many to be had. And there is a huge variety to choose from – be the new or old, and large or small.

Don’t underestimate your expenses. Do a budget before signing a lease. Find out what utilities are included and which ones you must pay for. If you’re responsible for paying any utilities, call the utility company to find out what the bills are on average.

You may wish to live alone. However, having a roommate and sharing the costs could allow you to get a bigger place, perhaps newer place. Be careful though if selecting a roommate. Pick someone who’s level-headed, friendly and easy to get along with. They should be responsible also, because if something happens and they can’t come up with rent, you may be on the hook for their share as well as yours. (Ask the landlord if tenants are jointly and severally responsible, which would leave one person responsible for it all.)

Ask about appliances and/or amenities, that come with the apartment. Things like parking and air-conditioning are important features to some folks.

What Are Some Ways to Protect Yourself When Renting?

When looking at rental houses near Ohio University, ask to see the exact unit you’d be living in, not a staged unit just for show. Take pictures or make a short video of the place when you’re first viewing it, and again the day you move in and out. Completing a written move-in and move-out sheet is important. If your new landlord doesn’t provide one, there are samples you can find online. Keep a copy and give an exact copy to your landlord. It’s also important to do a walk-through with the property manager when moving both in and out.

Get receipts for it security deposits and rent, especially if paying in cash.

Read the lease carefully and make sure you get a signed copy for your records. Get lease modifications in writing, such as if the landlord says you can paint the walls a different color.

Do they allow pets? If so, what kind and is there a separate deposit?

There are many ways you can protect yourself and have a great relationship with your landlord when leasing ohio university rental properties.


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