Find the Correct Height of Bar Stools Which Look Classy and Comfortable

Find the Correct Height of Bar Stools Which Look Classy and Comfortable

When furnishing your house, you pay major attention to your living room and kitchen. Living room because that is the place where your guests get the first glimpse and kitchen because it is the most common place for your family to gather at least once a day. Living room is decorated with fancy paintings, wall hangings and the latest furniture. Kitchen has latest equipment and appliances, a common dining space, colourful countertop and bright lights.

When you don’t have place to set up a dining table in your kitchen then you can set up a corner of your countertop by getting bar stools arranged at that place. This way you not only give your family a space to sit and talk while eating, but also make your kitchen look unique. Although bar stools are used in pubs and bars, but nowadays, fashion says to set it near kitchen or bar at home.

There are various styles and patterns that can be used at home, offices, pubs and restaurants. Most pubs and bars have started using industrial bar stools which are made of material that are solid and inexpensive. They have a perfect vintage look with metal frame and a wooden flat seat to sit on.  Some raw material are also painted in such a way that look like used wooden furniture which isn’t finished nicely and has been bought in raw from the manufacturer.

However, not all bar stools are perfect for every kitchen. Here is a complete guide of various types of stools which will provide you an idea –

  • Height
  • Style
  • Material
  • Number of chairs in a table


Not all bar stools can adjust with your counter table. In case you’re planning for bar stools, then take the exact height measurement of your table and then while selecting the chair reduce 10 inches from the top. This will give you the exact measurement for your stool. It will also give you enough room for leg space without too large gap.


There are many styles from traditional to modern look, but it is up to you which style you feel to buy –

  • Memphis stool have swivel method with projected back and proper foot rest. It is the most comfortable stool which is made of leather or any fabric.
  • Pub stool are plain and simple wooden stool which is made of solid material and can be stained with any colour.
  • As we spoke above about the industrial stool which is also known as Johnson stool.
  • Lab stools are perfect for restaurants and bars with long legs and a back rest, majorly known as Zilo stools.
  • Comfortable spin stools that swivel have steel frame and can be painted in any colour.


When you select a stool chair for your house or bar, the material that you select should be of good quality. Nobody buys furniture that needs replacement in a year therefore, while selecting any metal, wood or Rattan, ensure that they are able to bear maximum weight and polished properly to avoid any rust or warp.

Number of chairs in a table

There should be minimum space of 26 to 30 inches between each stool to give comfort to everyone sitting beside each other. Also manage at least 14-15 inches of gap from the rim of the table to the centre of the last stool.

There are many stores that design stool for bars, restaurants, and pubs. There are also stores that can provide you colourful yet vintage stools for your house which can enhance its beauty.


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