Tops Reasons to Choose Zero Gravity Beanbag

Tops Reasons to Choose Zero Gravity Beanbag

Zero Gravity Beanbag is designed for ultimate body relaxation. Floating therapy is mimicked by offering the feel of weightlessness in every possible way.

Since 1969, beanbags are popular furniture pieces used to enjoy cigarette breaks and coffee. They are designed from variety of materials like polyester or leather. Micro-beads within the beanbag adjusts to your 135 ֯ body open contour and cradles you. The outer wall is designed specially to give extreme comfort.

People struggling with anxiety, stress, insomnia and conditions like ADHD and PTSD can find this mimicked feel of floating therapy helpful. Zero Gravity Beanbags can be used –

  • Outdoors and indoors
  • As a couch to watch TV and relax
  • Give yourself time to enjoy a nap
  • To sleep in any position and take pleasure in feeling weightless

Why choose Zero Gravity Beanbags?

Extremely functional

Designed to blend with every atmosphere. It offers ease to your hands because they can be washed in washing machine.

Total body support

Microbeads filled inside are designed specially to reproduce floating sensation, which will match ideally with your body shape as soon as you sit or lay on its surface. Feel of lightness is amazing. Users feel like they are floating in the air, when they lie down on the beanbag.

Accommodates every suitable position

Zero Gravity Beanbag gets transformed into a chair or recliner or couch, as per your wish. You can enjoy a cup of coffee sitting in a chair or watch your favourite TV serial in a reclined position. Relax in semi-elongated position on returning home from work and get de-stressed.

A feeling of Lightness

Zero Gravity Beanbag makes use of high-friction microbeads filling to deliver lightless feel, when lay or sit on it. Body weight gets distributed uniformly, when you lay on its surface giving even support and floaty or zero-gravity feel.


Microbeads are very light and so the Zero Gravity Beanbag weighs less. You can store or carry it easily anywhere. Its footprint is too small, so can comfortably find its place in small rooms.

Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Beanbags

  • As soon as your body gets in touch with the surface you feel weightless and relaxed
  • Feeling relaxed means your mind is free to become creative and get better ideas for your pending project
  • With legs raised above the heart improves blood circulation. Because your heart does not need to overcome gravity, so as to force blood flow through constricting veins.
  • Sitting in 90֯ angle at work or on the ground places stress on muscles, so as to maintain as well as support this upright position. It causes muscle fatigue. On this recliner bean bag muscles get relaxed and rejuvenate.
  • Diaphragm is positioned in zero gravity position, so you can experience good lung capacity making respiration deep, controlled, easy and more effective.
  • Reclining on an angled beanbag helps to reduce spinal compression, after being seated all day at a desk.

More than 60% people in the US struggle with anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders. This affects their health and well-being adversely. Stress in ignored but you just give Zero Gravity Beanbag a try. The floating therapy used in medicinal practice has actually helped patients to de-stress and relax. This same therapy is mimicked in Zero Gravity Beanbag designing.


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