5 Unique Occasions to Gift a Hidden Ring Candle

Have you heard? Scented candles with rings inside have become a popular gift for many occasions. These candles are poured with a ring cleverly placed inside, which is revealed as the candle burns. The candle also comes with a code that can be entered online to possibly win a ring that is worth $100-10,000. With a candle, ring, and prize code, it’s like receiving 3 gifts in one!

With the variety and allure of these candles, there are many occasions to gift them. Read on to learn about they work and about 5 unique events that make the perfect occasion to gift a scented candle with ring inside.

How It Works

As the wax burns down, a gold foil-wrapped ring is revealed. You then blow out the flame and carefully remove the ring with a pair of tweezers or a fork. All that’s left is to try on your new jewelry!

5 Occasions to Gift a Ring Candle

  1. Bachelorette Party

These make great gifts for bridesmaids. Even though a wedding is focused on the bride, she always wants to give a meaningful gift to her bridesmaids. Make gift giving fun and easy by choosing a candle that goes with your wedding colors. Candle colors range from blush, coral, and teal to lavender, white, and more.

  1. Mother’s Day

Choose a candle with Mom’s favorite color or scent to give to her on Mother’s Day. Scents include vanilla, lemon, white cotton, and many others. A beautiful candle with a sparkling ring makes a special gift for a special mom.

  1. Birthday

Choose a candle with ring inside that holds a gem stone that matches a friend or loved one’s birth month. This takes a candle from an average item to a personalized gift.

  1. Baby Shower

What mother-to-be wouldn’t appreciate a relaxing candle? Choose candles that have names like relax, recovery, distress, and unwind to bring home the peaceful atmosphere.

  1. House Warming Party

Find out your friend’s favorite color or home’s decor theme and give one of these candles as a house warming gift. With choices like blue ocean mist or rose quartz, there’s a candle that can match any decor.

A candle with ring inside is a gift that keeps on giving. A candle, ring, and prize in one, it makes for a unique gift the receiver will remember and use long after they receive it.


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