How Dangerous Are Molds To Your Children?

How Dangerous Are Molds To Your Children?

In spite of the fact that it gets an extremely negative criticism, mold is for the most part not hazardous, particularly when it is present in small amounts. There is no compelling reason to panic if your child accidentally ingests mold because their body will digest it and dispose of it, sooner than later.

Unless your child has immune problems, you should not get worried about your child accidentally ingesting a gush of moldy bath toy water. The likelihood of them becoming ill from this is justthis is negligible. Nevertheless, you should be wary if your child have a mold allergy.

Why does mold adversely affect infants and children?

Mold are fungus mycotoxins that can affect anyone. Nonetheless, they can be worse for people who have a debilitated or undeveloped immune systems such as infants and children. The average umbilical cords of newborn babies contain between 250 and 300 known carcinogens. Furthermore, trans-placental exchange of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and toxic metals can suppress the immune system even further.

One of the key reasons that children are vulnerable to mold and any other toxins is because their immune system is developing from birth to adolescence. Most notably, a child’s immune system is not completelydeveloped. This means that any foreign substance brought into their bodies like man-made drugs and mold mycotoxins will increase the risk for abnormal immune reactions such as allergy like symptoms, asthma, inflammation and gut issues among others.

Mold Can Cause Death in Infants and Children

There are numerousstudies which have shown that infants and children who live in water-damaged buildings have a compromised immune system. This is because mold are known to produce potent toxins known as mycotoxins that can have a negative impact to the immune system and make children very sick. Truth be told, there have been such a significant number of ailments, infections and even dying of babies relatedassociated with toxic mold.

Mold Causes Asthma in Children

It has been found out that one of the main symptoms affecting children in moldy environments is asthma. Mold is found both outdoors and indoors. As a result, it has been said by experts that approximately 50% or more of homes, and 85% of commercial buildings in most countries have water damage which causes indoor mold growth. The owners have not been able get rid of the molds in homes to help on control of asthma.

Hiring a professional mold removal service

There is nothing more critical than the wellbeing and prosperity of your children. Evidently, moving home is not an option to remove molds. In addition, moving would prove to be a more costly affair than removing molds from the homes. You can hire a professional mold remediation service. In fact, removal of mold is easier when you engage a professional. Additionally, mold remediation Miami is just an easy undertaking with the right professional mold removers.


It is said and is very true that prevention is better than cure. Just ensure you do your best to protect your children from molds. They can be futile, especially to children with mold allergies.


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