Room Décor Tips to Choose Bold Area Rug with Vivid Patterns and Vibrant Colors

Room Décor Tips to Choose Bold Area Rug with Vivid Patterns and Vibrant Colors

Bold and beautiful area rug can be a little intimidating, if you are unsure about how to use it creatively so that it coordinates with the overall room design style.  Below are some tips to help you design room décor around bold area rug.

Room décor tips on how to be choose bold area rug

Choosing bold area rug

To choose a proper bold rug, first find the colors already prevailing in the room you wish to place the carpet. If the room has deep burgundy color on the walls or dark hardwood floors then it means you already have colors to deal with while choosing.

When you look through the plethora of area rugs choose one or two colors that can coordinate easily with the existing room theme. In case, you are choosing new furniture along with the area rug then the hassle to find an ideal match gets eliminated altogether.

Bold patterns

Bold does not mean bold patterns and bright colors. You can use neutral colors as well as have powerful and large graphics, so as to make it a focal point in the room. Rooms with bold furniture or wall colors like turquoise, burgundy, royal blue, and red are already prone to have substantial diffusion. You can unite floor with these bold furniture or walls with bold patterned area rug in neutral colors. The overall room looks balanced without overpowering your eyes.

Design room according to the rug

In case, you have an empty room then start with rug and choose decorating the wall and furniture accordingly. You can start with bold colors like red, yellow, and orange. Later mix and match other home accessories in the room. It is wonderful to start with floor because you get an opportunity to build the space little by little instead of getting overwhelmed with choosing colors for the walls, furniture, rugs, and window treatments, at once!

Choose where to go bold

You wish to add bold rug style because it matches with your powerful personality and standard of living, so carefully choose the areas in the room to include this bold aesthetics. Going bold with the interiors means maintaining balance as well as making guests visiting your home feel comfortable. For example, if you opt for bold area rug keep furniture neutral. If you desire a patterned wall then choose the one adjacent to the window wall allowing lots of light inside adding new focal point.

Remember what your needs are

Even if you wish to foster a traditional style room but fell for some bright lime green colored graphic pattern then this will make the room look more modern. To complement the already decorated space, choose rug that synchs with same style. Therefore, be familiar with your needs, when you choose a rug.

The main challenge is not what you can mix and match but what feeling or lifestyle you desire to show, when you occupy the space. This space should be perfect and make one feel welcome with the addition of great bold rug.


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