What Are the Reasons Leading to The Ban of Plastic Bags?

What Are the Reasons Leading to The Ban of Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are not considered to be an environment friendly option. It poses risks to marine life and human beings. Due to this reason, its use is banned in public by the government. There are so many reasons that make it unsafe for the environment.

Leads to water pollution

Plastics are one of the most known ways that lead to pollution in water sources. These include oceans, landscapes and rivers. As 80% of total ocean pollution is land based, irrespective of your location from the ocean, an incorrectly disposed of plastic bag will reach the ocean via rivers or wind. Bags made out from plastics are less safe than cotton ones.

Hazard to seabirds, marine life, and animals

Plastic bags have this property to not get degraded in the marine environment. These bags may reduce to smaller pieces but never disappear completely. Plastic can’t get digested. They block the digestive track in the stomach.  Marine animals, such as turtles and seabirds view them as micro food particles floating in the water. Eating them harms their body and even takes their lives away.

Can’t be degraded in the environment

Disposal of plastic bags does not lead to its destruction. Trying to degrade these bags does not result in success. In order to degrade it, requires a living organism to eat it. Till this time, there has not been found any living organism that can eat it without getting harmed. In other words, it can be said that plastic can’t be degraded.

Proves destructive for farmers

Plastic bags not just litter city landscapes, but also play havoc for farmers. There have been several pieces of evidence of cows eating these bags and dying due to it. This is due to the reason that plastic present in their stomach fails to get digested.

Plastic proves to be disastrous for farmers who cultivate cotton as they can lose their money when plastic bags blow into the cotton fields. At the time of cotton cultivation, plastic bags can even lead to the damage of the machinery. If while processing cotton, these bags get inside the process, then cotton also gets processed along with the plastic. Due to this, plastic can begin to melt and get mixed with the fibers of cotton and thereby contaminating it.

Due to the contamination caused by the plastic bag, some of the textile mills even refuse to purchase cotton from specific regions of the country. This leads farmer to lose out on a crop for which they have worked for several months. This leads to financial hardships for farmers.

Leads to overburdened landfills

Municipal waste includes residential, business and commercial trash hauled away on a weekly week basis by the garbage man. Out of 250 million tons, 18% of it is plastic. When disposed of, it gets placed in the landfills, thereby contributing to it’s overburdening.


Plastic bags cause so much destruction to nature. This makes it unethical for use. Due to all these above reasons, people are shifting to other options of reusable bags.


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