How To Blend Vintage And 1930s Furniture To Create Unique Bohemian Style Décor?

How To Blend Vintage And 1930s Furniture To Create Unique Bohemian Style Décor?

Eclectic is in, so never feel intimidated to mix matchless elements having sentimental value or just make you happy to see them. It is the Bohemian style, which defines both classic and modern. Create a cohesive design by complementing hippy, vintage elements along with the 1930s [mid-century] modern furnishings. It even displays your uniqueness and can make a room standout.

How to blend vintage and 1930s furnishings to create boho-style space?

Build around 1930s modern furnishings

The midcentury furnishings are designed from glass, wood, plastic, metal, and many materials. There is a plethora of possibilities to choose from this modern style to create a balanced foundation for those odd bohemian decorations, which can amplify the room’s appearance instantly. Mid-century furniture is sleek and functional with minimal lines, so is great to employ in modern bohemian room.

Pile on textiles

For incorporating a boho chic attitude than fabric probably helps. Mid-century furniture may look somewhat basic, so use textiles. It will bring color and pattern. Mismatched accent pillows, upholstered seating, and woven blankets designed from silk, damask or ikat will offer the bed, chair or sofa an eccentric up-do. In addition, macramé wall hangings, bed canopies, tapestries, and curtains made from cool cottons and light linens will add texture to windows or walls. Layered knotted or braided bohemian rugs can add a flair to the floor.

Add natural texture

Natural materials reflect boho-designs. Therefore add tables designed from tree stumps or roots, wicker baskets, rattan chairs, and reclaimed wood furniture. It resembles salvaged antiques, which is crucial for creating this energetic style. The space will feel alive and comfortable with natural materials as well as offer a rugged contrast to clean mid-century modern furnishings.

Mix colors and patterns

Blend brightly colored fabrics and funky tribal patterns featuring neutral colored plant motifs or animals, which creates a unique combination with modern design. Jewel tones like red, teal, fuchsia, golden yellow and dark blue blend nicely with gray, beige, and white. Create a pattern and color scheme, which works perfectly and is not sore on the eyes.

Highlight with antiques or heirlooms or vintage elements

Modern boho-style space is incomplete without accessories. Decorate windowsills, shelves, and tables with family heirlooms, trinkets found abroad or flea market shopping. Collectibles allow you to make the space your own. For example, on a coffee table display a bohemian collection like shallow ceramic bowl in gray filled with crystals, few candles, incense, and matches. For adding modern contrast streamline your favorite books.

Add eclectic lighting element 

Adding vintage lamp accentuates the look. Chandeliers or brass pendants or wall scones or funky table lamps mix well and look chic.

Add succulents

Adding greenery and fresh flowers breathes life in the room. It also gives an opportunity to add color and patterns. Plant succulents in vintage pottery and unexpected containers to offer a cozy aesthetic.

Blend two design styles may seem challenging in the start but blending bohemian and modern trends is all about having fun experimenting with new and old finds. This unique style offers endless opportunities, so just move forward and get creative!


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