Why You Need to Install Hurricane Resistant Windows at Home?

Why You Need to Install Hurricane Resistant Windows at Home?

People staying in places where storm and hurricane is common, need to keep their home protected from adverse effects of storm. To install windows guaranteed to be resistant to storm will be quite beneficial.

What is hurricane resisting windows?

They are designed using impact resistant glass. The glass has a layer of polyvinyl butyral or ethyl vinyl acetate. This helps in keeping them fixed to the frame even after a strong force is applied. When the glass breaks due to storm small cracks are seen on the glass in spider web pattern, thus don’t break in small shards of glass.

The frame of windows is designed like convectional windows using aluminum, steel, vinyl or wood. However, this kind of window is expensive compared to normal windows. Thus, people prefer not to install hurricane resistant windows. Aluminum and steel frames are the strongest ones and expensive too. Wood frames need maintenance and the vinyl frames cost quite low but don’t last longer.

There are even different layers pasted on strong glass to enhance its laminating effect. This helps in having appealing windows as well as strong force resistant glasses to be fixed in the frames of the windows.

Mentioning some of the materials used to layer the glass of windows:

  • A layer of PVB or EVA is inserted between two layers of thick glass is the common storm-resistant kind of windows. Thicker the layer, its resistant power and cost increases compared to thin layer of PVB and EVA.
  • Two layers of PVB have a layer of PET known as Polyethylene Terephthalate in between the layers. It is strong in glazing. However, it is expensive because of complicated manufacturing process.
  • Santryglas Plus is the new trend in the storm-resistant window glass. An inner layer of proprietary inoplast material is layered between the glass. It is expensive however it is quite best applicable to be used in modern as well as in traditional kind of homes. It is lighter in weight and doesn’t easily change color in course of time. Thus, remains new all-time and easy to fix.
  • Manufactures can even use liquid glass resins using ultraviolet rays to harden it. Even a thin sheet of polycarbonate Lexan between two layers of glass joins them together and this keeps it hard. However, it is not fit to use in houses located in warm climate.

Before you think of installing hurricane windows Miami companies, it will be best to know how it works.

Few lines on working of hurricane resistant windows:

It mainly helps in keep the structure of building intact. As sudden pressures are the main reasons for damaging the structure of your home. They will be resistant to winds of 200mph. It plays a better insulation to sound and available in varied style ranges. Even insurance cost of the house will be lower.

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