Different Types of Propane Heating Systems

Different Types of Propane Heating Systems

In comparison to any oil-run or electrical heaters, propane heating systems can be considered to be much cleaner and greener options for heating. Also, propane is easily affordable as compared to either electricity or oil. In case, if you are looking for installing any propane heating systems in your business or home, you must learn about different types of heating systems by using propane and about their working.

Portable/ventless propane heaters

This type of propane heater can offer you the various obvious advantages of propane which is portable and travel-friendly. Some models may come with wheels so that it can be easily moved around wherever you may go. Some of the portable heaters are so small that they only come box form. Portable heaters are also knowns as ventless heaters because there are no exterior vents.

As they are so handy, therefore portable heaters are generally used in small areas like single rooms, workshops and garages. They can also be used for heating up outdoor spaces like lawns, decks and patios. If you want to warm up cold nights while dining, any tall portable heaters like these torchieres are generally used.

Mounted/permanent propane heaters

Any best choice for permanent home or any long-term heating would be to use any mounted type of heaters. You can prefer to have propane heaters that can be mounted in the walls and ceiling. Any mounted heaters can have built-in fans that can force air out and, in this way, it can heat up larger areas.

Mounted heaters are usually larger and also have an exterior venting system. Installation of such heaters needs access to adequate amount of oxygen that is necessary for combustion.

Propane furnaces and their advantages

Nowadays, for homeowners such propane furnaces are fast catching up popularity as possible home heating system. That is because propane furnaces can be rated as very cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, easy to maintain and sturdy. Also, another plus points is that propane furnaces can work during power outages.

Another benefit with propane furnaces is that there is no need of any chimneys as venting can be easily done either vertically or horizontally. Also, because the exhaust of any propane furnaces is much cooler than that of any traditional furnaces, therefore any simple PVC piping for exhaust can be sufficient.

Propane water heaters

Propane water heaters can offer numbers of advantages over any electric water heaters. As compared to any electric heaters, they usually emit much lower levels of greenhouse gases. They can heat water much faster, also take up very less space and are more durable. They are also very easy to operate and install.

There is one similarity between oil and propane, which is that both needs to be supplied to any home or business and can be stored in a tank.

So, if you are planning to use a propane heating system either for your office or home you must contact any supplier immediately. You can also get the answer of many of your queries regarding propane heating systems


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