Let Us Do A Short Review About Portable Table Saw

Let Us Do A Short Review About Portable Table Saw

Usually a traditional table saw size can vary according to application. A portable table saw can be lighter and more compact than any customary table saws. These table saws can be used for any off-shop jobs too. Though they can be small in size, however they may carry many other fittings which makes it quite useful.

Features of any portable table saw

While purchasing a portable jobsite table saw, you need to refer to different table saw reviews to learn more about them. Based on your needs, usage, motor horsepower and budget you will choose your best table saw.

  • Portable table saws are suitable for any job site since they are light, small and easy to carry.
  • They usually need 120 volts supply
  • They can easily be moved as they are fitted with wheels
  • They can rip and crosscut and also cut in compound angles and tenons.
  • They are made of aluminium metal and the components are usually fixed in the box so that you can easily carry them to any other place.


  • You can use them for off-shop jobs.
  • They are smaller in size and compact. Therefore, you can save lots of space when there are many other machines in the workshop or in any construction site.
  • They come along with a box where the blade mechanics, the motor and the controls can be easily placed in. Even you can fit the table into the box.
  • Very elegantly designed and fitted with more accessories
  • Both older machines and newly introduced portable machines have good accuracy. Also, their speed is greater and you can get good quality of finished work
  • They come with many upgraded features.
  • The blades are of aluminium and hence much lighter and easy for transportation
  • They are fitted with built-in stands. You can buy legs separately and fit onto them. They can be easily placed on workbenches or any other flat surfaces, while using at the work site.
  • They are more economically priced.
  • They can be used by both professionals and hobbyists.


  • The motors used are less powerful and there is limitation for using on-site.
  • Though they can easily cut through log, pine, oaks and maple however, when you need to cut any hardwoods, it will be working a bit slowly. Light and medium sized work is possible quite easily but heavy work cannot be done so easily.
  • They are a little bit wobbly when they are used and therefore it causes vibrations. The start-up noise too is little higher. Due to its light weight these vibrations and noise are little unwanted disadvantage.
  • They use much lesser power and smaller table tops and smaller fences does not make the work easy neither you can do the work with much better precision. Traditional table saws are comparatively more powerful and have much higher power and table space that it provides greater precision and much better finish. As they are comparatively less spacious, therefore sometimes work can be much more difficult and tedious too.

In spite of few disadvantages they are quite useful for many different applications.


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