One Way to Simplify Your Life with Limited Mobility

One Way to Simplify Your Life with Limited Mobility

Living with any type of mobility complication alters your daily life. From daily routines of getting out of bed and taking a bath or shower to walking long distances or spending time at standing events, it can be tough to overcome a mobility issue. Whether you live with family members, in an assisted living home, or on your own, it can be challenging to take a shower or bath alone. However, it can feel empowering to be able to do it on your own and have time to yourself each morning.

No matter what size bathroom you have, you can utilize one type of bath shower combo to make your daily life easier. By investing in a tub and shower combo with an inward-opening door, you can easily step in and out of your tub without feeling nervous about falling or needing to lift your legs too high to get into the tub. These types of combinations are available in such a variety of sizes that you can be sure that you can fit it into any space that you live in.

Here are some ways that a bath and shower combo with inward-opening doors can simplify your life with limited mobility.

1. Remain Independent

There is no doubt that it feels empowering and strengthening both mentally and physically to be able to do daily tasks on your own. While you love the company of loved ones, it can be nice to be able to take care of yourself on your own sometimes. A bath and shower combo can help you feel independent as you get ready for your day, as well as help your friends and family have peace of mind about your safety each day. Having a tub and shower that you can easily step in and out of will give you confidence as you start your day as well.

2. Convenient

If taking a shower of bath has been a bit of a hassle for you as you or a loved one has struggled with mobility, considering a bath and shower combo can help ease the stress and frustration of daily tasks like taking a shower or bath. Whether you still need assistance during that time or if you will be able to handle it on your own, there is simplicity with stepping in and out of the tub through the inward-opening door.


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