Make Your Bathroom Safe–Upgrade to a Walk In Shower

Make Your Bathroom Safe–Upgrade to a Walk In Shower

While there is no doubt a long, luxurious soak in a bathtub filled with hot water is blissful, there comes a time when climbing in and out of a tub is no longer an easy task. Even stepping over the side of the tub to take a shower can become challenging. America’s aging population is at its highest level in history, thanks to advances in modern medicine, a decrease in manual labor jobs, and a healthier diet and lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean you are invincible. In fact 1/3 of people age 65 and up will fall at least once in the coming year and is a leading cause of death among our elderly population. If you or someone in the home is in that category, you need to consider upgrading your bathroom by installing a brand-new walk-in shower.

What Kind Of Shower is Best?

A low-entry shower no more than three inches high is ideal, and adding a steam element to the unit is a great benefit, if you can do more than a quick in-and-out and wish to linger a bit in the shower. Most units come with a built-in seat, so you can either sit or stand, depending on your comfort level and have built-in shelving. You want an anti-scald technology, and loads of safety features, such as built-in handrails. You want an extra-thick anti-slip floor in the unit. Look for a shower head that detaches from the unit for hand-held ease if you are seated. While most units offer a regular shower curtain closure, you can upgrade to a sliding glass door with a built-in towel bar.

What Else to Consider

When choosing a walk-in shower unit, consider the material it’s made from. You want an acrylic base, with a gel coating to provide years or reliability. Have the dealer show you the types of testing the unit has undergone, to prove its sturdiness. You also want a company that will back up their claims with a lifetime warranty, will handle the professional installation themselves and not parcel it out to a sub-contractor, and who will offer a price guarantee. Be certain to do your due diligence by checking not only the company’s website, but also other unbiased websites for reviews and recommendations. These are all considerations when deciding to upgrade your bathroom from a dangerous tub to a walk-in shower


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