Light up the Room with New Switch Plates

Light up the Room with New Switch Plates

If you’re in the mood to update your home or add some of your own personality to your home, but don’t have a lot of money or patience for a big and expensive remodeling job, why not do a small upgrade? Most light switch plates in the home are builder-grade plastic plates that can discolor or crack. These utilitarian plates can be easily replaced with a screwdriver and a couple hours of effort. Electricity is a fact of life in every home, but that doesn’t mean its source needs to be boring. Light switches should never become a focal point in the room, but that doesn’t mean they can’t augment your style by complementing the existing decor. The beauty of this small upgrade is it can be accomplished one room at a time, so it won’t strain your budget or your sanity. Light up your rooms with new light switch plates.

What Kind of Plate Is Best?

Switch plates come in many styles and finishes, so take a look at the room where the new switches will be installed. Do you have brass light fixtures in the room already? Is there an abundance of chrome? Is the home a sleek, modern design or is it more Victorian? Light switches should help provide a seamless look to the room from top to bottom, so draw from what’s already in existence before you narrow your choice. The most popular light switch materials are nickel, bronze, copper, brass, chrome, wood, stone, and ceramic with a lot of different looks and styles available. Once you decide on a material, you then need to decide on the type of finish you want. Brushed metals provide a contemporary look, aged metals offer old world sophistication and charm, satin finishes are modern and won’t show fingerprints readily. Do you want the edges of the plate to curve into the wall or do you want a definite border to the plate? Take your time browsing the collections of switch plates before you decide, since the options are many. 

What Comes Next?

Take inventory of the switches you’ll need for each room. Do you need single switch plates, double, or more? How many plug outlets will you be replacing? Once you figure out how many of each configuration you need, you’re ready to place your order. Don’t forget dimmer switches and child safety products. All you’ll need to complete your new decor is a screwdriver and a couple of hours. You can complete your room’s decor easily by installing new light switch plates


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