Reduce the Risk of Falling with a Walk-in Bath

Thanks to all the advances in modern medicine, living a healthier lifestyle, having access to better food storage, and the reduction in dangerous jobs, Americans are living longer than ever. Diseases that killed people as recently as twenty years ago are now not the death sentence they once were. The number of Americans over age 60 is at its highest level in history, having reached 600 million by the year 2000. However, the aging population still has some inherent risks that need to be addressed and avoided. One-third of Americans age 65 and older will fall each year, and falls are the leading cause of death. The solution is to eliminate the fall hazards in your home, starting in the bathroom. A walk-in bath unit will help in that regard. 

Advantages of a Walk-in Bath

Many elderly Americans no longer feel comfortable taking baths in a conventional tub, because of the problems they encounter getting into and out of the tub. Imagine how much nicer it would be to take a seat and let the water surround you in spa-like luxury. A walk-in bath eliminates the hazards of a tub by having a low threshold and a heated seat. Most walk-in baths are equipped with jets to soothe and relax you while nourishing the skin, leaving it soft and silky. Look for a unit with a variety of hand rails to safely get you in and out of the tub. A good unit should come equipped with anti-scald technology, an anti-skid floor, and a quick release water feature when you complete your bath. Most units come with a shower option, for a truly hybrid experience, and offer dual heads for ease of use. 

What Else to Look For

You want a unit with an entry door that opens into the unit, since most bathrooms are on the small side. The unit should be made from acrylic and covered with a gel coating to provide years of reliability. Ask for proof that the unit has undergone vigorous testing. It should come with a lifetime warranty and the company who sells the unit should also be the company who does the installation. Make sure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. Check their ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Angie’s List or Home Advisor. These considerations should be taken into account when searching for a walk in bath


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