4 Aspects to Consider with a Combination Bathtub and Shower

4 Aspects to Consider with a Combination Bathtub and Shower

While bathtubs were once the go-to appliance for bathing, most homes now combine them with a shower. This allows the occupants of the home to decide the type of bathing they would prefer. When installing this aspect in a home, you have many decisions to make, such as the design and location of the appliance. Understanding these aspects will help you make the necessary decisions when the time comes to purchase and install. Here are four aspects you must consider when installing a combination bathtub and shower in your home.


While having the shower head above the tub is the most common layout for this type of appliance, there are actually many different options. For example, you could have the tub on one side and the shower on the other, assuming you have the room. The two could occupy the same space or could be separated by a glass wall. This decision will likely come down to the amount of room you have in your bathroom and your preference.

Shower Door

The shower door is an important part of a bathing area as it ensures that you don’t soak the rest of the bathroom while bathing. There are a variety of different types of shower doors that you can choose from, including doors, glass, or curtains. You just want to ensure that the type you choose doesn’t interfere with any other aspects of your bathroom so you can use them as well. Make sure that your door is fit for everyone in your household. If you have someone with mobility issues, you’ll want to ensure it’s easy for them to enter and exit the bathing area.


Regardless of how you design your bathing area, it will get soaked with water so it’s important that you ensure the entire area is waterproof. This should be a consideration when choosing your drain, tiles, or other materials that might be included in the bathing area. You’ll want to ensure that your walls are waterproofed and that the tiles go all the way up the wall to avoid any potential structural problems.

Fixtures and Accessories

An important aspect to consider when designing your bathing area is the fixtures needed, such as the shower head. You’ll want to find the right type of head and the best way to locate it so that taking a shower or bath will be easy. It’s also important to include any necessary accessories such as a seat or handles that might be needed by a person with mobility issues. This will ensure that they can easily enter, exit, and use the bath or shower.

The combination of a bathtub shower is a common fixture in any household as it allows everyone their choice of bathing. Considering these aspects prior to making a purchase will ensure that you have the right choice for your home.


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