What Are The Different Methods To Filter Aquarium Water

The key objective of an aquarium filter is to remove excess food, freely floating particulate, decaying organic matter, waste product of fish, and dangerous chemicals from the water. If these elements are not removed from the water then it can make the aquarium water cloudy and cause risks to the life of fishes. In this article, we will learn about the uselessness of filters, its types and benefits.

The different water filtration methods

There are different types of fish tank filter available in the market. These are Biological, Chemical or Mechanical filters. Biological filtration is very much necessary in an aquarium to lower the required maintenance.

Mechanical filtration assists in maintaining clarity of water. Chemical filtration takes good care of all the problems related to the water source. It is found to be useful in the removal of medicines or toxins that are present in the system.

Advantages of a water filter

Filters are very much needed for a simple and attractive aquarium of fishes. Some of the benefits provided by the filter include:

Fish friendly

People who do not invest in a filter due to any reason need to clean the fish tank on a regular basis. This implies that they will need to take out the fish and put into another tank so that you can properly scrub the tank. Such frequent shifting of fishes inside and outside of the aquarium can tank can be a traumatic experience for your fishes. This problem can be solved by installing an air filter. It is a very pet friendlier option available to use.

Less routine maintenance

Fish tanks can easily get dirty. To clean the water and keep it free of scum, you need to perform its occasional maintenance. By installing an aquarium filter, a lot of tasks will get reduced.

Prevents overfeeding

Some people put a lot of food in the aquarium that results in overfeeding. Fishes will eat the food even when they are full. Such chronic overfeeding leads to the occurrence of serious health issues in the fish such as digestive disorders and fatty liver disease. A filter helps in removing excess of food that fishes do not eat instantly. This helps a lot to lower the chances of the issues.

Healthy Fishes

Besides protecting pet fishes from overfeeding, aquarium filters also lowers the possibilities of stress caused due to ammonia. This type of condition happens when the toxins from dung accumulate in the bodies of fishes. This has to be eliminated regularly. If it is not removed, then it leads to the development of ammonia stress. This, in turn, results in ammonia poisoning and can prove to be very fatal.


It is essential that the fish water to be crystal clear and free from toxin elements. This is needed for the safety of fishes that are present in the aquarium water!  You must choose the one that suits your filtration requirements and is appropriate for the kind of fish that you are keeping.


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