The Calm Before the Plumbing Storm

The Calm Before the Plumbing Storm

Everything in your home is working in tip-top shape. Then one day, you notice a little discoloration on the ceiling. You glance at it from the corner of your eye and think maybe it was the lighting. Later you pass by and the spot is darker. You come close to inspect it, and a drip hits you right between the eyes. Then it dawns on you. Above is the kid’s bathroom. It’s bath time. You have a leak and the house has been damaged. Dollars signs flash through your mind.

We take so many things for granted until something goes wrong! Water, hot and cold, surges through your home 24/7. There are so many places that a leak could spring and cause thousands of dollars in damage.


If your water connections are out of sight, and assuming you had a decent plumber in San Francisco plumb your house, you should be okay. But it’s those plumbing fixtures in the open that you need to worry about. Things like faucets in the kitchen, bathrooms, bathtubs, etc. Uncle Clyde’s elbow knocks the faucet loose. Your nephew pulls himself up to get a drink by pulling on the kitchen sink faucet. These accidents do happen.

Faulty Pipes

Another thing to worry about is if the previous homeowner was the guy watching YouTube videos on plumbing. Sometimes untrained homeowners cut corners. He may not have applied enough (or applied too much) pressure when tightening supply lines. Or if he misthreaded ever so slightly, over time, the pressure flowing through the pipelines is enough to work those fixtures loose. That’s when the waterworks will begin.

DIY-ers, although well meaning, don’t necessarily follow plumbing codes.They shop for the cheapest items at their local home center, not the quality stuff at the plumbing supply house where the pros shop.That’s a problem for the next homeowner.


Though less of problem in terms of water damage, drains are another issue. Without regular cleaning, they gunk up. Sure, you can pick up a consumer grade drain cleaner at the grocery store, but they usually don’t work well on serious drain problems. You can buy pro grade drain cleaners at plumbing supply houses. They work better than the consumer grade drain cleaners, but there is an awful smell that wafts through the house for at least a day. Your best option for cleaning drains is to hire a plumber in San Francisco.


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