Update Your Bathroom with New Cabinets

Update Your Bathroom with New Cabinets

If you want to update your house, either for your own personal benefit or with an eye to the home’s resale, the bathroom is the best place in which to spend your money. In fact, upgrading a bathroom is ranked #1 in terms of getting the best return on investment (ROI) by Home & Garden TV. You don’t need to tear out a wall and make your space bigger. You just need a solid, thoughtful, design. If your existing bathroom has a small footprint, consider the installation of a wall mounted vanity. These type of units provide ample storage without taking up too much space, and they are available in all kinds of styles and designs. All you need to do is find the right look for your modern vanity bathroom cabinets. 

What Kind of Cabinet to Buy

There are thousands of vanity bathroom styles from which to choose. You can narrow things down by having a clear budget in mind, as well as the look you want to end up with. The least expensive models are made from furniture board but you can go all in with a choice that will last a lifetime, made with solid maple drawer boxes and dovetail joints. The modern bathroom cabinets are available in clean, crisp designs which can be customized by adding a pop of color with painted fronts or you can choose a wood finish for a warmer look. Once you choose the type of bathroom cabinet you want and can afford, you can use an online design service to see how your choice will look in your own bathroom before you make your final decision. 

How to Design Your Space

You can choose to place your design in the hands of a professional from the start of your renovation, or you can do it yourself and have it reviewed by a pro before you complete your order. By using an online design service, you can see a three-dimensional design of your bathroom first. Prices for the various types of design services vary depending on how much work you want done, but if you’ve got a small space, having a professional help you think outside the box is a great idea in order to maximize every square inch. These are only a few ways to complete a bathroom renovation with modern vanity bathroom cabinets


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