Hiring the Right Landscape Professional for You

Hiring the Right Landscape Professional for You

Whether you’ve built a new house and need to landscape the entire yard, or you’ve been in your home for a while, but are looking to redo part or all the landscaping of your yard, you need to hire a professional. Or maybe you’ve got a business and want some landscaping done around your property. Wondering how to get started? Search for professionals who do landscape design in Houston, TX.

One piece of advice: Know what it is you actually need. For instance, small, independent contractors might focus on minor projects like delivering and spreading mulch, helping you do your spring planting, installing lawn drainage, or maybe even installing a sprinkler system. On the other hand, larger companies will create and build a comprehensive landscaping setup that transforms your entire yard, including adding a water feature, doing hardscaping, etc. So, make sure you know what it is you want done so you can properly explain it to the folks you consider hiring.

Once You’ve Found a Pro, Where Do You Begin?

Chances are once you’ve found a professional who does landscape design in Houston, they will help get you started by asking some simple questions. One thing they’ll want to know is what your budget is. You may have some idea of what you want done with your yard, but not have a large enough budget to cover it all. So, you’ll have to make some choices and prioritize what you want done. After you’ve explained to them what you want done, they will put together a design or drawing to show you. From there you can make modifications or change things in their entirety, if you so choose.

Things to Consider and Questions to Ask Any Landscaper

  • Make sure they have been in business for a while and have the experience and manpower to handle your project. Ask them for pictures of other jobs they’ve done, and the names and phone numbers of some of their previous or current clients.
  • Check with the Better Business Bureau to make sure they’ve not got any unresolved complaints against them. Check with online review services like Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor.com to see what customers have had to say about them.
  • Do they have an office and a website?
  • Ask if they’re insured and bonded. This is especially important if they’re going to be hiring subcontractors or using heavy machinery or equipment on your property.  Get a copy of the general liability insurance before you let them start work.
  • Make sure the work is specified in a contract, which should also spell out the price, including any down-payment, and a start and completion date, as well as any guarantee that they provide for the work they’re doing.
  • Not all companies that do landscape design in Houston, TX are certified, but ask any you’re considering hiring if they are. If so, that gives them even more credibility.


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